Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Feebs Go Hollywood! Part 1

"I write music for soundtracks now."
- Guided By Voices

Yeah, that's right -- the Feebs are featured on the soundtrack of a new indie film. The film One Night in Portland concerns an alien conspiracy in Portland, Oregon.

View the trailer here.

That music in the trailer isn't the Feebs. So settle down.

I'll give a better review once I see it. So I also don't know where the song (or what song) is featured in the film, but who cares. One Night in Portland is available on DVD, and is also making the festival rounds. Directed by Lance Barton, ONIP is "presented in a unique digitally rotoscoped style." Sort of like Waking Life.

Well, that's all I have for now. We're all very excited here at MushyApple Records.

Stay tuned...

Monday, March 20, 2006

God Awful Truth: A Brief History of The Feebs

Formed in 1994 in the storm-torn suburbia of Raleigh, NC, the Feebs (aka Jim O'Shaughnessy) make wistful indie-pop in the bedroom and the basement. With a battered & bruised 8-track and a reverential admiration of sound pioneers Brian Wilson and Big Star, the Feebs' articulate love of music results in brilliant flashes of pop-song genius. Harmonies abound amid the clang and the clatter of guitars, drums, keyboards, and bags and boxes of noisemakers strewn across the basement floor.

The Feebs sprang from the mysterious cellar of Long Island, NY's seminal late-80s basement legends, The Martyrs, a small, unpopular band whose jangly folk-rock pop inspired at least four other stay-at-home bands now scattered throughout New York and Oregon. The Feebs, now recording in Portland, Oregon, have emerged as both an innovator and purveyor of american rock.

The Feebs have recorded 6 lps, 2 eps, and 1 anthology, not to mention all the production credits.

Of the Feebs' nine collections of recordings, only one has been officially released. This is 2003's I'm Afraid of Life, the anthology culled from five of the Feebs albums.

Demo Universe praised the Feebs' "Tomorrow is Another Day to Fuck Up Another Way" as "touchingly fatalistic."

Journalist Brian Kunath of Qner Industries describes Jim's lyrics as being "at once elegaic and celebratory of life," and the anthology as a whole as "the best way to spend eight bucks outside of Bangkok."

Jim is also a member of Heirs to the McQueen Fortune with his two brothers.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Feeb Fires Freeloader

The New Feeb is out! What briefly promised to be a duo is now a one-man band once again. Egos? Super-egos? Perhaps. But no hard feelings, says former Feeb, Mike, who is considering joining Palace, should they ever reform.

In the meantime, The Feeb and Ex-Feeb have begun recording again under the moniker, Heirs to the McQueen Fortune. A 50-50 project, where no one's precious toes will be stepped on.

"The Feeb is a megalomaniac!" shouted Mike, dodging a flying keymonica.

Check back often (but not too often) for the progress of the Heirs first full-length album. Recording at Little Ease Studios are to commence toot sweet.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Photos: First New Feebs Session

Saturday, November 19, 2005
The new Feebs recorded together for the first time, and our own Lucy Starcrest was there to take publicity photos!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Black and Brown Blues

Song of the day:

"Black and Brown Blues"
Silver Jews
The Natural Bridge

"When I go downtown/I always wear a corduroy suit/Cuz it's made of 100 gutters/That the rain can wash right through"

I'm wearing a corduroy suit today. No, it's not actually a suit, but both the pants and jacket are corduroy, OK? (Perhaps your mom purchased something similar for you circa 1979?) And, this being Portland in November, you know it's rainin'.

Friday, November 04, 2005

See you soon

I really am going to begin posting one of these days. Really, I mean it...